AirTies Mesh Software

Mesh software module

Standalone software module that can be integrated on third party CPEs: Home Gateways, Extenders or Wi-Fi enabled Set-top Boxes

AirTies Mesh Sofware Overview

  • Upgrade your current install base to DFS compliant
    Wi-Fi Mesh by integrating the AirTies Mesh Software module

  • Whole home Wi-Fi coverage through Wi-Fi or Ethernet, automatic configuration propagation, improve client connectivity with band and client steering, better interference and congestion mitigation

  • Pre-integrated with leading Wi-Fi chipset
    vendors for shorter integration process

  • Small footprint, minimal CPU and memory requirements, no new APIs

  • Easy installation and management via AirTies App or App SDK

AirTies Mesh Sofware Use Case

  • Integrate AirTies Mesh Software on Home Gateway, Mesh Extender or Wireless Set-top Box
  • The integrated device transforms to a Mesh Extender and supports same functionality
  • Additional Mesh Extenders could be added for Whole-Home coverage
  • Chipset Agnostics. Provides same functionality and interoperability across all CPEs regardless of WiFi chipset model
  • AirTies Remote Manager is used for troubleshooting of Wi-Fi issues