WAV-275v2 2 VoIP Port Wireless ADSL2+ Gateway

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WAV-275v2 2 VoIP Port Wireless ADSL2+ Gateway

Make two simultaneous VoIP calls and start enjoying discounted calls.

ADSL2+ VoIP Gateway, Firewall, 1 Line (FxO),
2 FXS, 1 USB 2.0 Plug&Share*, 4 Ethernet,Wireless Access Point , Router

Wav-275v2 is an all-in-one solution that can full all your voice and data needs. You can use it to access the Internet over your ADSL line, to set up your local wireless network and to make phone calls over the Internet using a VoIP service provider.

Media Centre/Single Control Point: USB 2.0 Host port allows users to attach an external disk drive* or printer and share it on the network without having
to dedicate a computer for this function.

Remote Management: Auto-provisioning of LAN, WAN and VoIP setting via CWMP (TR-069, TR-098, TR-111*,TR-104, TR-064) support. Also supports, Web, Remote Management Telnet and legacy provisioning (FTP/TFTP/SFTP/HTTP).

IPTV Support: WAV-275v2 possesses all the features needed for an IPTV application. It supports up to 8 ATM PVCs to be able to separate IPTV, VoIP and data traffic. For cases where a single PVC is used for more than one type of service, the IPQoS feature can be used to prioritize packets and reserve bandwidth based on traffic type.

The WAV-275v2 recognizes the IPTV devices connected to it no matter which Ethernet port they use and automatically forwards that port to the PVC reserved for IPTV traffic. Thus, service is uninterrupted even if the user changes the port the IPTV device is attached to. The WAV-275v2 can support IPTV service in both router and bridge modes. It can transfer various DHCP options necessary for the initial configuration of IPTV devices from the provider network’s DHCP to the IPTV device.

The WAV-275v2 supports IGMP v1 and v2, thus sending a single request to the service provider even when more than one IPTV device requests the same channel. With the IGMP snooping feature, the incoming broadcast from the service provider is delivered only to the port that has the IPTV device that requested that channel and not to other ports.

The WAV-275v2 supports the TR-111 management protocol*. If the IPTV devices connected to the WAV-275v2 support the TR-135 management protocol, the WAV-275v2 permits remote management of those devices.

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AirTies Easy installation and administration: insert the installation CD and follow the animated on-screen instructions

ADSL Usage Monitor shows total download and upload amounts on a monthly basis.

*will be available with firmware upgrade soon.

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