RT-204 Wireless ADSL2+ 1 Port Router

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RT-204 Wireless ADSL2+ 1 Port Router

All-in-one solution for wireless Internet access!

With the RT-204, you can set up a fast and secure wireless network and access the Internet over your ADSL line from anywhere you want. The RT-204 uses ADSL2+ technology enabling you to access the Internet at speeds of up to 24Mbps/4Mbps.

AirTies MESH Technology resolves problems such as weak wireless signal and limited coverage area often encountered in multi-story concrete buildings, and broad service areas.
To expand the coverage area, it would be sufficient to use an AirTies RT-204 and one or more AirTies access point devices that connect to the RT-204 using the MESH protocol. MESH Technology maintains signal strength over long distances and through barriers such as concrete walls. Thus, wireless coverage area can be extended to the maximum possible while signal strength problems due to barriers are resolved.

The wireless security standards supported (WPA, WPA2, WEP, and 802.1x) and the advanced anti-DoS SPI Firewall provide a high level of data protection. You can also restrict the Internet access of the PCs on your local network based on IP or MAC address.

With the ADSL Usage Monitor, you can display your monthly data download and upload totals and current download rate, and help keep your bills under control if you have a limited quota ADSL subscription.

The installation and configuration of your router is quick and easy using the “Easy Setup CD” which guides you with animated instructions. With its UPnP support, all you need to do to connect to the Internet is enter your ADSL subscriber information.

The Easy Setup CD allows you to automatically setup encryption for your wireless network and saves the security settings on both your router and computer. Thus, you can setup your wireless router easily and securely by yourself, without help.

The AirTies ADSL Utility notifies you when a new version of the router firmware becomes available and, with your confirmation, automatically upgrades the router with the new firmware. With the latest firmware on your device, you have the advantage of using the latest features and technologies, and maximizing the performance of your router.

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