Air 6271

Air 6271 2 VoIP Port Wireless ADSL2+ Gateway

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Air 6271 2 VoIP Port Wireless ADSL2+ Gateway

Fixed line quality phone calls at a fraction of the cost

Air 6271 provides a fast and powerful platform for all of your voice and data communication needs. With the Air 6271, you not only can make two simultaneous VoIP calls but also get better calling rates. It is an all-in-one solution with ADSL2+ Internet, Router, Firewall, and 54 Mbps Access Point features. The AirTies MESH Technology support allows you to extend your wireless range by using additional AirTies Access Points and enjoy “wireless life”.

  • You do not need a computer, headset, or a microphone. You use your regular phone and dial as you always do. No special codes or prefixes are needed.
  • Enjoy high voice quality: No dropped calls, no delay, no echo
  • Your calls go over the Internet or landline depending on the dial plan configured on your device.
  • FXO port supports the PSTN backup feature. If the FXO port is connected to the PSTN line, in the event of a power failure, or other problems (such as loss of ADSL connection or VoIP service provider problems), your device will automatically use the landline.
  • You can expand your wireless coverage area with AirTies MESH Technology, automatically set up and sustain wireless links between access points to extend your range.
  • User friendly management interface: Multi-language Web-based user interface supports two languages (English and Turkish)
  • VLAN support: Allows setting up VLANs over the 4 Ethernet ports and Wireless
  • Easy remote access and management*: Support for auto-provisioning of LAN, WAN and VoIP configuration via CWMP (TR-69, TR-98, TR-111* and TR-104). Web, Telnet and legacy provisioning for VoIP operators are also supported.
  • Easy Setup: Just plug in the AirTies Easy Setup CD and follow the animated instructions.
  • ADSL Usage Monitor lets you track the total data download and upload amounts on a monthly basis.
  • With the automatic firmware upgrade function of the AirTies ADSL Utility, you can stay informed of the latest AirTies technologies instantly, and load the new firmware and features to your device at no extra cost. Keep your AirTies product up to date at all times and get the best possible performance out of it.
  • Can be used as a media center with a single control point. USB Plug and Share feature allows you to attach an external disk drive or printer and share it on the network without having to dedicate a computer for this function*.
  • Ethernet WAN*: One of the Ethernet ports can be used to provide Ethernet WAN connection as an alternative to an ADSL connection (if supported by your service provider).
  • True high speed routing (wire-speed routing)*: 100Mbps WAN-LAN routing when used with Ethernet WAN as your uplink connection to your service provider.
  • AirTouch feature – secure wireless setup at the touch of a button: Easily and securely connect your device to your wireless network using Setup (WPS) button*, **
  • Auto-Mesh*: Automatically set and sustain wireless links between Access Points (APs) thus automatically extending your range. Auto-Recovery: In case of link failure due to power outages APs create new links and keep the traffic flowing.

*To be supported soon
**With devices that support WPS

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