Air 5440

Air 5440 300Mbps Wireless ADSL2+ 4 Port Router

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Air 5440 300Mbps Wireless ADSL2+ 4 Port Router

“N-speed” solution to getting past concrete walls with a high speed wireless connection!!!

With Air 5440 which uses 802.11n technology, transfer wireless data, watch videos or upload your pictures to the Internet at speeds of up to 300Mbps. Backward compatible with the wireless 802.11b/g devices, the Air 5440 provides 6 times faster wireless communications compared to earlier technologies. Dead spots and packet losses on your wireless network becomes a thing of the past with the MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology and the advanced error recovery system contained in the 802.11n standard.

AirTouch technology provides complete push-button wireless network set up and configuration:
For many users who are not experts, configuring wireless security is difficult.  AirTouch makes it possible for anyone to configure these complex settings automatically at the touch of a button. Pushing the “SETUP” button on the AirTies device is an indication that you can physically reach the device and also that you are a trusted user. When the button is pressed, the AirTouch connection begins, and the security settings between Access Points are automatically configured.

With AirTouch technology, it is also possible to setup a MESH Network and extend your wireless network at the touch of a button. You are not only able to extend your wireless coverage area as much as you like, but also use WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access – 2), the most current wireless security protocol, in the MESH Network.

Get past concrete walls with AirTies MESH Technology!
AirTies MESH Technology resolves problems such as weak wireless signal and limited coverage area often encountered in multi-story concrete buildings. To expand the coverage area, you can use an AirTies Air 5440 and one or more AirTies wireless repeater devices that connect to the Air 5440 using MESH protocol. MESH Technology maintains signal strength over long distances and through barriers such as concrete walls. Moreover, wireless coverage area can be extended as much as desired.

Keep up-to-date at all times!!!
The AirTies ADSL Utility informs you if a newer version of the firmware for your router becomes available, and, if you prefer, automatically upgrades your router’s firmware. Running the most recent firmware is essential to get the best performance out of your router and also to benefit from the use of the newest technologies.

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