Air 4310

Air 4310 150 Mbps Wireless Access Point

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Air 4310 150 Mbps Wireless Access Point

“N-Fast” overcomes limitations to give you a full speed wireless connection

With the Air 4310 and its 802.11n technology, you can transport wireless data at 150Mbps, expanding the limits of wireless networks through MESH technologies. Retroactively compatible with 802.11b/g devices, the Air 4310 provides up to 3 times faster wireless communication than previous technologies.

With AirTies MESH Technology, no more getting stuck between concrete walls!
AirTies MESH Technology resolves the problem of signal weakening that is experienced inside multi-storey reinforced concrete buildings and over wide areas. To expand your coverage area, all you need to do is use the Air 4310 MESH protocol over the AirTies wireless repeaters connected to each AirTies Air 4310. Via the MESH Technology, signal attenuation over long distances or through reinforced barriers is avoided. What’s more, you can expand your wireless coverage area as much as you like.

The Easiest Way to Get Rid of Wires
The Air4310 is a Wireless Access Point fully compliant with the 802.11n standard and that runs over a 2.4GHz frequency utilizing a 1x1 MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) structure. You can create a 150Mbps wireless network just by connecting an Air4310 to your existing wired network (for example, to a non-wireless modem or an ADSL modem which running at some slower rate).

A Separate and Safe Wireless Network for Guests
With VLAN (Virtual LAN) and Multiple SSID support, guest users can connect to the wireless network and access the internet, but they are prevented from accessing the general company network on which private data is held. To do this, all you need is to do is create a second wireless network for guests on the Air4310, and then define that wireless network as a separate VLAN. Thus, the guests will access the internet via a different virtual network than the company network, so that they will not have access the company’s files.

With AirTouch, set up your entire wireless network with the single push of a button!

AirTouch enables Advanced Wireless Network Security: AirTouch eliminates the arduous configurations that used to be required to achieve the highest levels of security: it has simplified the entire set up to one click of the device’s “AirTouch” button. AirTouch technology automatically and quietly installs the settings required for the highest levels of security.

It Extends the Range of your Wireless: AirTouch makes it possible to build a MESH Network, expanding your wireless network. You can add new Access Points to your wireless network with an AirTouch – expanding your network’s limits – without any specialist assistance. To install all of these settings, all you need to do is click the “AirTouch” button on each wireless access point. So, you can easily add repeater access points to your wireless network, expanding your wireless network as much as you want to.

Facilitates Wireless Network Management: Through AirTouch, certain modifications that you might make to your computer network are automatically shared over each of the wireless access points. This feature removes the hassle of adjusting each and every access point, one by one, whenever you want to change the wireless MESH Network’s password. A change that you make on one wireless access point is automatically communicated to each of the other wireless points. Managing a wireless network with AirTouch is just so easy!!

Control your whole network from a single point, so easily stay up-to-date!

AirTies Network Assistant is an application that can run on users’ personal computers, allowing each user to setup and then monitor their settings and the network.

It is designed so that all types of users can easily operate it, whatever their levels of technical understanding are.

It informs you whenever there is an available update for your device’s Firmware and, if you want, it will update your device’s Firmware automatically. Install the most recent firmware to obtain the highest performance from your device, and to benefit from each newer technology

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