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The power of AirTies Technology

What makes AirTies different from the competition? How are we building a global technology brand with a local touch?

A unique operating model

The majority of the vendors in home networking are fundamentally marketing companies dependent on chipset vendors to develop their products. Finished product features are defined by the chipset vendors; electronics companies in the Far East (ODM’s) make minor customizations, change the product’s physical appearance and manufacture the product. Thus, most vendors neither control the R&D process, nor can they react quickly to the problems reported or to new features requested by end users. The nature of their sales channels further isolates these vendors from the end users of their products. Global vendors market their products through large distributors, which usually carry many brands. Their products are then sent to resellers and finally reach the end user. There is minimal product/technical expertise throughout the chain. The same pattern works in reverse when an end user experiences a problem or has a feature request. It has to be reported back through the whole chain all the way to the chipset vendor, going through multiple priority queues resulting in delayed resolution of the end users problem or feature request.

AirTies, on the other hand, manages both the supply chain and the customer side of the channel.


AirTies’s R&D team monitors international standards bodies (e.g. IEEE & ADSL Forum), and works closely with chipset vendors and ODMs. Our in-house engineering team defines the hardware and chipsets, and designs and develops the firmware and middleware embedded in our products.

We provide direct technical support to our customers. Our internal technical support organization collects information from end users and feeds it back to our R&D team; which enables us to see the exact problems or desires that end users have. Through this systematic feedback, AirTies is quick to convert the intelligence gathered into product enhancements and improvements.

What makes our model the “winner”?

By managing the entire chain, we are able to create distinctive products for specific markets, thus increasing quality, achieving high customer satisfaction continuously, and, at the same time, keeping product failures rates and technical support costs down.

The fact that AirTies has become the dominant market leader in Turkey reaching a 60% share in just three years is a visible indicator of the success of our model.

A third of the company employees are in R&D and another third are in technical support.

One of the results of the continuous investment in R&D is a chip set independent software platform, AirTies Software Platform (ASP). ASP brings AirTies (and it’s customers) significant benefits including: use of the latest available chipsets resulting in higher product performance and lower costs, a common user interface across all products making them easier to use, and the ability to apply new features and bug fixes rapidly across the entire product portfolio.

AirTies not only closely follows industry technology standards, but also expands them into other areas. Using our software platform, we are able to bring the latest technical standards to the market quicker; making them available on our products ahead of competition.

Having started from wireless technology and ADSL, and expanded into VoIP and IPTV fields, AirTies is now an expert in several technologies. This expertise enables us to deliver unique technologies like wireless video distribution and one touch network setup making the total consumer experience better and more exciting.

Customer-driven innovation

Chipset vendors define the products of our competitors. Being at the remote end of the supply chain, chipset vendors are far from end users and often develop features that are either hard to use or do not add value to the consumer experience.

AirTies aims to create high value for all of its customers – from individuals, using its devices for home networking, to large telecom operators providing broadband access to millions of end users. We actively encourage customer feedback and participation. This feedback is translated into products, features and services that customers care about. Taking into account local infrastructure and user habits, the R&D team develops high performance, flawless ADSL2+, FTTx, VoIP and IPTV products that are fully compatible with the requirements of the target country and its broadband infrastructure. As a result, AirTies products work flawlessly with local service providers in Turkey, Greece, Ukraine and Russia, in concrete/stone buildings that are common in the EMEA region, and in difficult electrical power environments.

The product features developed by AirTies as a result of customer feedback are usually quickly appreciated by the market. Below are some examples:

Best & brightest people

AirTies aims to be an attractive place to work for leading engineers from around the world and has already attracted expert product managers and software developers from Silicon Valley, USA, and other countries known for their leadership in IT technologies.

We are constantly increasing our R&D staff in line with the fast growth policies of the company. To meet the required number of qualified people, we hire new graduates and engineers with a solid knowledge of the technology platforms (embedded systems, Linux, networking, etc.), to be trained by our experienced subject matter expert engineers. We partner with leading universities, such as Sabanci and Bogazici (Bosphorus University), for new technology development and internships.

AirTies has created an environment where talent and initiative are encouraged and rewarded. Innovative engineers feel at home at AirTies and are continuously motivated to design the value-added, breakthrough features through assisted patent applications, risk taking and internal recognition system. They see their designs translated into real products on the market and get positive feedback from end users - another source of encouragement for the developers.